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Expert Public Adjusting Services

We’re Licensed Public Adjusters with over 25 years of experience in Residential & Commercial Property Damage Claims due to storm damage and natural disasters. We also specialize in Business Interruption Claims. Whatever your emergency is, we take the confusion out of the Insurance Claim Process and help you get a fair settlement. We provide Free Insurance Policy Reviews and Free Assessments to homeowners and businesses throughout the U.S.

Residential & Commercial Property Damage Claims

If your home or business has property damage due to fire, flood, hail, wind, hurricane, or tornado, contact us for a Free Insurance Policy Review. We review your policy, assess your damage, meet with your insurance company and adjusters, and handle all of the confusing paperwork and legalese. Whether you have a claim that was previously denied, or a claim that you think may have been underpaid, we advocate for fairness on behalf of you, the policyholder.

Business Interruption Claims

Many insurance policies include a Business Interruption clause that can help offset losses related to a storm, weather event or natural disaster. This coverage is used to cover payroll expenses, replace lost income, and pay bills and business expenses. We review your policy to determine covered business interruption losses. If we find that your policy provides this coverage, we will help you assess your financial losses, submit extra expenses as a result of the shutdown of your business, and fight for what you deserve from your insurance policy. This coverage can be critical to your recovery. As with any insurance claim, there are no guarantees, but we are confident in our team’s knowledge and industry experience to achieve a positive outcome.

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