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We Provide Free Policy Reviews!

If your business has endured loss due to a major event, it’s important to have your policy reviewed by an expert Public Adjuster. Our expert team at Mitchell Adjusting International manages the process for you from start to finish.

What Is Business Interruption Coverage?

Business Interruption (BI) insurance coverage is meant to replace lost income in the event the business is halted due to major storm events and natural disasters. This coverage can include lost net income, mortgage, rent and lease payments, loan payments, taxes, payroll and business expenses. BI coverage is intended to compensate the policyholder for lost income during the period of restoration or the time necessary to restore physical damage to the covered property.

Previously Denied?

Even if you were previously denied by your insurance company for your BI claim, legislation surrounding this issue is changing very quickly every day, which can mean broader claim coverage.  

Legislative Changes: Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Act (H.R. 6494)

A bipartisan bill was introduced by United States Representative Mike Thompson (CA-05) on April 14, 2020. The Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Act of 2020 (H.R. 6494) is meant to ensure businesses who purchase interruption insurance won’t get their claims denied. This bill would force carriers to compensate businesses for lost revenue when forced to close because of major events such as electrical or power shutdowns, evacuations, or shutdowns due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. 


Expert Policy Review & Assessment

After a storm or major event, it can take more time than many people realize to get “back in business.” Business income coverage typically  has a “restoration period.” This is the amount of time that a policy will help pay for lost income and extra expenses while the business is being restored. We provide free insurance policy reviews to businesses throughout the nation. This coverage can be critical to your recovery. As with any insurance claim, there are no guarantees, but we are confident in our team’s knowledge and industry experience to achieve a positive outcome. 

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